Monthly Mob Blogger Project

Do it!!!



First and foremost, I’ve changed my blog url! I had a friend who wanted to start blogging with me, and I’m a big fan of change so I ditched ‘hfury’ and went to ‘barbieshit’! Because really, all I am doing is dressing my SecondLife barbie doll~ NOW I want to let everyone know that my bish Puppet ( has come up with a really cool idea to get bloggers to collaborate with one another, and I for one hope everyone gets into it. It will be a monthly event with a theme, where we each come up with our own outfit, and then we all take a large group photo that we would feature on our blogs, along with our own individual pictures to re-cap and showcase our own personal looks. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like fun!? Good I’m glad you agree. If you would like to IM…

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