The Fantasy Collective

It’s open .. and it’s off the hook!  You know sometimes you get those events when you can just tell the creators were in the zone?  That’s how I feel about this round of the Fantasy Collective.  The stuff is amazing and there’s so much of it!  Go go go!! Go and run crazy and get a zillion things.  It’s completely worth your time!

I had to do a -dark- picture, just because it fit with the mood and the theme.  So to do fair justice to the outfit and the accessories I’ve done a -against the white background- set of pictures as well.


I want to call attention to the -scene- first.  There’s lots of fun little things in it that you can get from The Fantasy Collective.

Swamp House – Frogstar – Swampland Shanty

Dock I’m standing & laying on – {RW] – Rough Dock

The Rocking Chair (that you can barely see.. I kinda feel like a jerk.  Look at in world) – [Fetch] – Mama’s Rocking Chair

Lily Pads – Sweet Poison – Lily


Now for the Outfit… From Fantasy Collective

Skull Head  Piece – DRD – witch doctor mask

Sticks Head Piece with Moss – Spyralle – Crown of the Bayou

Choker Necklace – *SL* – Voodoo Collar

Necklace – .Enfant Terrible. – Witches do it better

Belt – PFC~Voodoo (LE) – skirt (ok technically it’s a skirt but I wore it as a belt)

Shoes – Noodles – Acadia – Sandals Brown

Skin – The Skinnery –  Zuri – Bare face (toffee)

From Fantsy Gacha Carnival

Dress – Whatz – habanera (Brown Rare)

Sign in the Background – Lost Junction – Port Town Sign – The Fair Maid (RARE)

From Stores

Hanging Skulls – . a i s l i n g . – Skulls Souvenirs (They’re free for the store anniversary)

Hair – BooN – KCP393 & SEL740 (It’s two separate sets of hair)

Eyeshadow – Corvus – Deep Black Eyeshadow

Black Lipstick – Glam Affair – Elit Lipstick – 12

Body Dirt – Overt – Dirt

Hands & Feet – Slink

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