Some Love for the Gorean Girls…

Yeah so once again .. it’s been awhile and I seem to have lost touch with my gorean roots.  So here it is .. a post for the slave girls with some Fantasy Gacha Goodies from Aisling, a new(ish) release from :(Sad Harlequin):, and some -you just can’t ever go wrong- from Soedara.

Also … I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally gotten my tooshie in gear and started throwing gacha goodies up for resale at a place called Another Man’s Treasure.  There’s a direct link to it on the right side of my blog near the top.  Cynful was kind enough to give me space and my inventory thanks her .. as does my $L balance.  So if there’s things you’re looking for I’ll shamelessly plug the place and tell you to go check it out.


So this should be fairly brief…

Head Piece/Necklace/Bracelets/Upper Arms/Lower Legs/Hand Pieces/Rings/Belt – Aisling – Tortuga Princess (Commons/Rares @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Chain Collar w/ Jewels – [The Forge] – Chain Collar (Common @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Thigh Chains – :(SH): – Thigh Chains

Foot Chains – Keystone – Chained up feet [SLINK MID]

Skirt – ~Soedara~ – Arabic Equinox

Skin – Glam Affair – Cassie (The Seasons Story .. I think)

Eye Shadow – Little Pricks – Underliner & Winged Eyes

Face Paint – +Nuuna+ – makeups v12 12b (tintable)

Hair – booN – KCP393 & SEL740

Hands & Feet – Slink

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