Lazy Sunday ..

So, lately I’ve been making a point to play more with the super awesome GE group I belong to.  Some of the best bloggers I’ve followed for ages are members of that group.  And as I was standing there in my pretty white dress with my bow drawn looking just adorbs I looked around and noticed something ..

When asked my opinion about GE Fashion … all I can say is …

I had to do something to blend in.  I stood out like a sore thumb.. makes me an easy target in a raid .. my inferior fighting ability also makes me an easy target.. but that’s totally not the point.



Simple .. but I still like it.

Head Piece – .Keystone. – Malin – Ward of the wood / Silver

Feather Necklace – :: AME :: – Eirich Collar Black (Semi-Rare) – Old Gacha, check their store

Silver Necklace – Sweet Poison  – Daphne Necklace (Super cute I love it .. texture change with other metal options)

Shirt – ~CD~ – Iduna

I love this shirt, its super cute, comes in fitted mesh and non-fitted.  Its a great design and I kinda wish I could get it in RL .. I’d totally wear it!

Belt – Mandala – Saicho Belt

Pants – [V/W] – Dauntless

Boots – JD – Ara

Hair – MOON{Hair}. – OMEN.

Skin – Essences – Whisper

6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday ..

    • Everything is listed below the picture. A simple search for dauntless on marketplace brings up the item complete with the v/w maker listed as well. It’s the 3rd one that comes up in the search. Short of listing out direct tp links to the stores or events which becomes highly time consuming most things are easily found with minimal effort.

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