Lazy Bish…

Who’s a lazy bish … this bish.  I can’t really take any credit for this look.  I was lurking around and wandered over to Maitreya because I haven’t been there in ages and came across this outfit.  My own conglomeration .. fuck no.  I shamelessly bought exactly what was in one of the pictures on the wall at her store.  Why?  Cause it’s time to bring a little RL into my SL.  I love it .. only cause this is how I tend to dress in RL.  Babydoll sundresses, long sweaters, and boots…. jesus christ I love boots (buy me boots and I will love you forever).  The glasses .. old old old from MIEL (and yet  totally timeless!).  And guess what .. I HAVE THEM IN RL.  And my hair .. while naturally curly and -not- blond is pretty much always pulled up like Exile’s new release found at Arcade.  In fact … now that I think about it … I pretty much have this exact outfit sitting in my closet … welp … I know what I’m wearing to work tomorrow.

Cheers Darlings .. I’m gone for the weekend out of town .. I’ll jump into all the goodies from We <3RP and more when I get home .. O.o … teasers!!! I bet you just can’t wait.

❤ have a great weekend!!!!



From The Arcade

Hair – Exile – Dancing on my Own

From Shops .. 

Dress – Maitreya – Poise Dress

Sweater – Maitreya – Wool Cardigan

Boots – Maitreya – Stagion

Necklace – House of Rain – Vapor necklace

Glasses – Miel – Bella Peepers


Ma Vie – Phenomena

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