The man and I were out shopping the other day for a new outfit for him, and of course, I ended up getting stuff for myself.  I seem to do that.  Birthdays, Christmas, any gift giving occasion really more often ends with me buying more for myself than the people I love.  It’s not my fault this time, he started it when he came across this dress.  So, here’s a post of what happens when I let the man dress me.  He has good taste (in more ways than one IMO).  For raiding I throw on some pants (most of the time)… sometimes a girl just wants to let her ass hang out.  No shame in that right?



Dress – Razor/// – Frak Dress (New)

Other than being a steaming hot dress in general it comes in sizes to accommodate phat and cute azz .. as well as lolas appliers.  I’m wearing it with my WowMeh mesh body so as you can see it also plays well with mesh shapes….EPIC

Leg Warmers – Razor/// – Rouge

Also comes with sizes for phat/cute azz to fit thicker thighs properly

Shoes – [The Forge] – Peepers (common Gacha from Arcade)

Chain mail Vest – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Vest

I know I know these have been staples in several posts now .. as well as the bracelets.  While I love featuring new stuff, I’m also making an effort to utilize the same accessories in different outfits to get the most use out of them that I can (and so you all aren’t running around all over the place buying up a dozen different bracelets and only using things once).

Chain Bracers – HASTE (in a gacha @ the store)

Spiked Bracelets – .random.Matter. – Crowley Spiked Bracelet

Glasses – Solar Eyewear ~ Atria

I have a glasses fetish in RL .. I have a zillion pairs floating around my house and in my purse, it’s carried over into SL.  I picked these up I swear like 4 years ago and jump at any chance to wear them.  They’re sexy smart and simple.

Hair – MOON{Hair}. – OMEN.

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Eyeshadows – Little Pricks – Winged Eyeliner and UnderEye Liner

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