O.o .. it’s a panthery post … I love PFC stuff.  It’s s rough and raw and beautifully textured.  I’ve been itching to make more use of the releases by PFC for the few events, and got a chance to make use of some older things.


Feather Pauldrons – PFC – Raven Pauldron (The Secret Affair)

Face Paint – C h a r y . – Raven Makeup (The Secret Affair)

Twig and Bone Bracers, Thigh Pieces and Skirt – PFC – Voodoo

Bone Head Pieces – [Keystone] – Vie’s Antlers { Bone and Rope } and Wildlings Crowns – Y’zi – ULTRA RARE

Necklace – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth-Necklace -RARE

Hair – *Soonsiki! – Sharona (FaMeshed)

Face Chains (Down forehead and over cheeks) – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials

Face Chains (Hanging from nose past chin) – .Keystone. – Whyt (Jewelry Fair)

Face Piercings – .Pekka. – Tragedy Unisex Piercing

Sandals – Enfant Terrible – Wayfarer Sandals

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Poses w/ Crows – Axix – Lady Crow


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