Holy Sh*t it’s a Post ….

Ikr?!  Whoda thunk it.  Certainly not the people that follow my blog .. or lately fondly known as the anti-blog of laziness and nothing done.  I got one of those ‘come to jesus’ talks from a fellow blogger.  For those of you who have been in the same proverbial boat floating in a desert of no inspiration what so ever ……. sometimes you just need that talk.  To my absolutely fantastic and wonderful designers I blog for, and the amazing events/coordinators that took a chance on me I’m sorry.  I’ve so totally done you all a dis-service.  So after about 3 hours and about 100 boxes I’m dragging my thick ass back on the blogging horse and riding that sucker till its dead.  First off we have …..


Preview for The Fantasy Gacha!

Top & Skirt – !gO – Ranger

Other Goodies…

Bracer – >glYph< – Aldariel

Upper Arms – [Tia] – Mjolnir

Gorget – .:SF:. – “Ibelin” Gorget Collar

Head Piece – .Keystone. – A’ne

Horns – .Keystone. – Woj’tek / Candy Ed.

Boots – JD – Ara

Face Paint – C h a r y . – Raven Makeup

Chin Makeup – Nunne – Makeups v12 – 12b

Skin – Glam Affair – Brandi (American)

Hands – Slink

Hair – +Spellbound+ – Warrior

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