Let me tell you how crappy my day has been …

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Super huge Pasties … boob armor … whatever … – Una – Karma

Upper Arms & Forehead Piece – Keystone – Farra (diamond and gold tinted to match the head piece)

Around the boobs Chains & Lower arm chains – Luas – Vega


Head Piece – ieQED – gloriana.crown

Chest Chains – Noodles – Scarlett Body Chain

Staff – FDD – *Skylark Great Staff*

Hair – (EPOQUE HAIR) – Ever


Skirt – Peqe – Aphrodite Skirt (Rare from Gacha @ Mainstore)

Pauldrons – Luas – Ophelia Pauldron (Gacha .. check the mainstore)

Bracelets (that you can’t see .. whatever .. it’s been a crappy day.. I’m wearing them so they have to be neat .. check them out) – =Zenith= – hollow carved beauty bracelet

Rings and Earings (that you also can’t see) – . aisling .- Tortuga Princess Rings (also from a gacha .. past FGC)

Skin – Glam Affair – Brandi

Hands – Slink

Body – WowMeh .. sorry  .. can’t get it anymore ..


 …….my crappy day .. don’t read it if you wont like it …….

Yes .. please .. just let me.  So I wake up this morning to -not the sound of my alarm- … roll over to find that my Iphone has apparently decided to commit suicide while I was innocently sleeping.  Thank god I woke up at 8am for some reason.  So I leap up and onto the computer to e-mail everyone from work (who on average starts texting me around 6am) to let them know I’m off the grid until I can get a new phone.  Next stop … the AT&T and Apple stores websites to see what time they open .. 10am.  What the fuck?  Seriously?  What about us people that like to achieve something before the assholes in Hawaii wake up?  Awesome.  So work from home until 9:45am.  Go to the AT&T store and wait 23 minutes (yes I timed it) only to have the ever so helpful AT&T representative help me with -absolutely nothing-.  They have no Iphones.  They don’t know what’s wrong with mine.  We could have established that within 30 seconds of me walking into the store.  Here .. let me demonstrate.  “Hello clearly busy and rushed Lady, how may I help you?”….”Good Morning Fine Sir, do you happen to have any Iphones?  Mine does not work, I would like a new one.”  …. “No, I’m terribly sorry, but due to the unreasonable and ridiculous rush of hipsters and 45+ upper middle class status obsessed professionals we will not be able to obtain said Iphone for you for at least 1 week.”  …. “Well that is a shame … it is my only form of communication .. 1 week will not do.  But thank you ever so much.  I will seek out a different establishment that will hopefully fulfill my immediate and emergent needs.” …. needless to say that is not even remotely how the conversation went.  So ……. next stop.  Apple store.  They should have Iphones right?  I mean .. it’s an Apple product.  Logic and deduction would lead one to believe that an Apple store would be bursting at the seams with Apple products.  Not so.  After parking on the completely wrong side, furthest fucking possible parking lot from the Apple store and subsequently hefting my thick ass across the massive spread of Fashion Island (its gotten bigger) dodging stay at home trophy wives with diamond rings bigger than my head, and nannies most likely smuggled into the country to raise the spoiled rotten children of the infamous OC I make it to the Apple store.  There’s a line.  I get in it.  I like lines.  I mean, I dont “like” lines, however my inherently white law abiding attitude leads to a natural calm and contentment when standing in a line.  It just seems like the right thing to do.  So I stand in it.  A chipper chubby man approaches.  “Are you wanting a new Iphone?”  I stare at him, look at the line, look at the store, look at him.  I hold up my not functioning Iphone and say….”Sure… or this one fixed, whatever is faster.”… he smiles.  He has a fat face.  I kinda want to pinch his cheeks. “Come on in to the genius bar, we can see if your phone can be fixed”.  I nearly cry… suddenly I want to kiss those chunky cheeks.  So there I am, cutely dressed (for a job that I’m -not- at) escorted out of the line like a celebrity to walk into the store and be pointed down the isle to Brenda with the green Ipad who will be able to help me.  Brenda .. is…. not .. helpful.  “Hi there, do you have an appointment?”….. “Um?  No?  Yes?  I was told to find you, I need this fixed or a new one”  -show dead phone-.  “Oh, so you need an appointment for the genius bar.”  Que her doing who knows what on the ipad… all I know is she holds the keys to my connection with the outside world.  “We have an appointment at 12:30pm”  …. 2 HOURS AWAY.  That just wont do.  So I put on my most charming smile.  “I have work … I can’t wait that long.  Can you check at South Coast Plaza?”  …. more secretive Ipad checking.  “They have nothing available.”  …. “What about the Spectrum?”  …. Ipad checking … Ipad checking .. “No. There’s an 11:30 appointment in Brea.”  …. She gets a blank stare.  “So what happens if it can’t be fixed?”  … “Well, you have the option of an upgrade to an Iphone6, if you just get in that line and wait there may be one available for purchase.”….”How long is that wait?”… “Anywhere from 3-4 hours based on staffing and availability but there’s no guarantee that we will have Iphones in stock.”  Now, I’m not a math person by any stretch but bare with me here.  2 hours to wait for an appointment at the genius bar, 45 minutes on a good day to either fix it or find out it doesnt work and have to get a new phone, get in line and maybe get a new phone 3 hours later.  That’s like .. almost 6 hours.  Nope.  Not gunna do it.  So I smile and say “Fine” and walk out.  Fat ass hefting back across the small country sized mall to my car.  Drive to the office.  Check emails .. send emails .. research other phones and decide “fuck apple I’m getting a Samsung Galaxy 5s instead.  Leave the office after a meeting with the boss and go BACK to the AT&T store… stop at the pet supply store along the way to pick up some flea drops for my poor cat who has chewed all the hair off his ass because he has fleas and apparently is allergic to them .. precious.  Arrive at the AT&T store.  They should have a 5s .. I mean .. how popular is it really?  Walk in .. meet AGAIN with the same unhelpful fellow from 3 hours earlier.  “I’d like a Galaxy S5 .. 5s .. whatever the fuck its called -not the iphone” … “Let me check if we have it.”  …..They don’t.  I leave.  Drive to the landlord’s office to drop off my rent check.  Drive to the closest Best Buy I know of (I can’t look for one closer BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING PHONE).  Arrive ….. wait …. wait … wait… wait….. wait.  Finally speak to a sales associate.  Yes they have Iphones.  No .. they don’t have Iphones for AT&T customers.  Fine … YES they have the Samsung Galaxy 5s …S5 .. whatever.  Awesome … wait .. wait .. wait … because he CAN’T help me with that … wait … wait .. wait .. I can’t check the time because I DONT HAVE A FUNCTIONING PHONE AND THERE’S NO CLOCKS IN THE STORE… wait .. wait … wait…. watch said half helpful sales man talk about me with another sales associate explaining to him not nearly as stealth-fully as he thought he was that I told him I needed to be out of there with a new phone for a 3:30pm appointment (it’s 3:09pm… I found a clock).  New dude helps me.  We get it done by 3:25pm.  YAY!  I haz phone!  I can even make calls .. and text .. except I have no contacts.  Whatever, details.  Get home.  Figure out how to access my Icloud account to find all my contacts and begin manually entering them in the phone .. I’m sure there’s a faster way but I have SL Football to play.  Decompress.  Play with the phone… can’t figure it out.  It hurts my head.  Never fear, my friend has that phone, he’s coming over Thursday night for dinner, he will teach me, as long as I can text and take calls till then I’ll be fine.  An hour ago … the phone did something weird .. made strange noises .. and now I can’t swipe to unlock it.  Search google for answers .. find none.  Decide to plug it into the computer in the hopes that overrides something .. it doesn’t .. but what it does do is somehow magically delete all my music on Itunes .. wtf?  Decide to go to Best Buy in the morning .. GUESS WHAT … they don’t open till 10am.  I … give …. up.

6 thoughts on “Let me tell you how crappy my day has been …

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  3. i was feeling your pain…Best Buy is like the worst place to go for help. There are 20 young kids employees standing around but no one will help you. Yes folks she is not exagerating….this does happen.

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