To the bitch ….

To the bitch that left the hateful comment about my crappy day yesterday.  Go to hell.  Seriously?  Half that ranting post was written with humor and meant to be over the top and ridiculous…#1stWorldProblems.  How pathetic are you that you spent your morning ripping me apart and judging me over it in 2 comments .. 2 … not one … 2.  Didn’t your mother ever teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all?  Who the hell you think you are or why it is you think it’s necessary to sit on a strangers blog and be so down right insulting I can’t understand.  You must be a truly unhappy person filled with insecurities and self doubt to so quick to judge and critique another.

More over, what sort of world were you raised in where it’s even appropriate to say such rude things to a complete stranger.  I guess you figure because it’s the internet and you don’t have to say it to me in person it’s ok and easier.  It’s not.

Instead of running around spreading your ignorant judgmental hateful negativity on a post you could have EASILY closed and moved on from … in the future before you comment on anyone’s blog ask yourself these simple questions:

“Will my comment be a positive enhancement to the blog as a whole for any other readers that may come across it?”

“Will anything positive be achieved by my comment for the blogger themselves?”  ie .. will you be helping the blogger to take better pictures, or be more cognizant of the fit of an outfit or the shading and shadow in the photo etc …

“Is it really my place to judge another person’s efforts/choices/opinions.  Will anything of use be gained by me weighing in my thoughts on the matter?”

If the answer to those 3 questions is no … then don’t make the post.  Seriously … Get a life.  Please.  And stay the fuck off my blog.

And for the record .. just so you know your comments were classified as spam.  They will not be appearing on this blog for several reasons…. the biggest of them being I flat out refuse to allow your blog to get traffic from my followers because of your shitty attitude and rude behavior.

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