Haste …

Another preview for Fantasy Gacha … this isn’t my usual style of photo but I guess that’s what happens at 2am.  This takes me back to the olden days when you had to take pictures with a camera that used … film.  I know some of you kids wont remember this.  But there was a time when strangers had to develop your pictures for you… you had to look them in the eye when you picked up your photos.  Thank god for the good ‘ole polaroid.  Come on now .. if you’re 30+ you know what I’m talkin about.  I totally just dated myself.


Haste put out a super sexy rope harness for this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.


I had to do a little bit of butt shrinking which hurt my heart, but I think it still works.  Most women don’t have nearly as much junk in their trunk as I do.


And ya’all got a sneak peek into my super secret livingroom.. or at least part of it.  Consider yourselves lucky … very few people have ever been brought to my sim.

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