The Clock Maker Watches …


The Fantasy Collective opened last week and I have yet to give it any of the lovin’ it deserves.  All of the things worn by the girls are from The Fantasy Collective.  The corset is by FDD and the pieces worn by the other 2 girls are parts of the May’s Soul collection released at the event.  The picture doesn’t focus on the clothing items in the way my posts normally do so please please go check out The Fantasy Collective asap… splurge on a Saturday.  Spoil yourself and spend some lindens!


Clothing pieces used:

TFC-AddsFor the scene … there are various clocks by Lisp, What Next, Atelier, and Meshed up.  The standing clock in the corner is by Apple Fall.  The male -me- is wearing a tank top by IceWater the Jeff Clean & Dirty Tanks set.

For hair .. the only one you can really see is on the girl hanging on the wall is *Soonsiki! – Day Dreams

The girl in the corner is wearing – ~Tableau Vivant~ Rasayana

And the one laying down is wearing – Magika [Hair] Written

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