FGC is Open…

Yes yes yes it is!  It opened and it’s amazing.  I hope everyone is getting everything they wanted.  I know I’ve already dumped thousands of lindens into machines trying to get my friends the perfect little surprises.  At any rate .. another post .. this one featuring several different designers.  I have to say I’m super pleased with the amount of clothing offered in this round.  Great job designers and great job FGC for putting together another fantastic round of Gacha madness.



From The Fantasy Gacha…

Skirt & Top – Muka

Belt, Bracers, Collar – Eudora

Super Awesome Flat Staff Thingie – .Aphotic.

Black Crown – ~Misha J.~

Forehead Piece and Arm Pieces – .Keystone.

From other Places…

Hair – Blues – Crystal

Foot Wraps – Panik – Purity Straps

Skin – Deetalze – Megan

Earrings – Aisling – Gretchen

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