Where has the time gone …

I can’t believe how time has flown by.  A break from blogging turned into 7 months of silence.  I stepped away from SL for a bit and I’ll admit it’s a bit strange coming back.  I don’t know if I expected huge leaps and bounds in the content people created, but the world of SL has certainly kept turning in my absence.  I’m excited to see my favorite designers are still creating beautiful things, I’m delighted to find new designers that popped up while I was away.  I’m also disappointed to find my inventory in the same state I left it.  So much for the dream of inventory sorting fairies working hard unbeknownst to me.  On my first night back I bounced over to FaMeshed.  On my second night back I meandered through Collabor88.  I picked up a few things, we’ll see if I do anything with them.  For now though, a simple post to kick things off.. I feel like “the girl next door”


Hair – Magika – First Light (New Release)

Dress – =Zenith= – Double knot dress (Vintage flower) – FaMeshed (New Release)

Boots – !APHORISM! – Cavalry Boots (Brown)

Glasses – NEW ! Nerd Glasses (Unisex) Black – by junettahurricane (found them on marketplace)

Bracelets – League – Wanderer (Brown)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Body – Maitreya

Skin – DeeTaleZ – Megan (Brows2) red Mixedtype

Photo taken at (*^-^*) HPMD, HappyMood (awesome outdoor stuff)

And I’ll leave you all with ….

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