Cosmic …

Eh sure why not.  Ok so.. you ever have those moments when you stumble on something and you’re like ‘oh my god this would look so good if you did …….’ .. and then you do it and when you’re done you’re like ‘hrmm .. works I guess .. but what if I did … ‘ and then you spaz out for another 2 hours going through things you never knew you even had and you’re like ‘sure that works .. wow .. who knew I had that … damn why haven’t I used that sooner’ .. eh .. anyways .. here goes.  2 sets of pics making use of some neat finds from Collabor88 and some way older stuff..

-With love always .. your fail blogger lazy butt Mena


Dress – -Pixicat- Dreamy.Dress (Collabor88)

Stockings/Ballet Shoes – REIGN.- Ballerina Warmers (Collabor88)

Hair – Exile::- You Send Me (Collabor88)

Flutter Books w/ Pose – Intrigue Co. – Flutter Books (Collabor88)

And for the second attempt …


Dress .. Hair … Stockings/Shoes all the same as above .. except for the dress, it’s a different version, go to Collabor88 and take your pick of what works for you.

Crown – *{Junbug}* – Silver Fantasy Princess Crown

Choker – .:EMO-tions:. – * KALUHA *

Necklace – Aisling – Dangara  (gatcha rare from February)

Bracers – Eudora3D – StormWind

Wings – Una – Arhi (also a gatcha from back in Feb)

Cheers darlings!

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