Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Hey Guys!  It’s open.  And with it being open lots of great designers have put out some super cool things.  I’d say one of my favorites is the light saber from Equinox.

Anyways … go check things out, it’s absolutely worth it.  Over the next few days I’ll be posting pics of outfits and goodies.

That being said, if you do go I’d like to warn you about the Suicide Gurls gacha machine for her Warrior Tattoo appliers.  As it’s been explained to me gacha machines work on a script (duh) however, the creator is able to input the % of frequency an item will drop from that machine.  What will drop is for lack of a better word is random, however how often something will drop is not.  In my experience based on the number of items in a machine (she only has 10 mind you) it’s anywhere between 20-50 pulls to see a few rares(there’s averages and math magic involved).  With her machine that is not the case.

Now I have never complained about gacha machines in the past, I have played many of them, willingly spent thousands of RL dollars on them.  It’s a game, and it’s a risk, however it’s a calculated risk, and sometimes it’s a little fun.  She, in my opinion, has essentially rigged the game even more in her favor than is appropriate.  When I approached her about it and nicely tried to say “maybe you should check your scripts, this seems a bit off” she told me “I’ve spent way more money than you have and never gotten a rare, it’s a game of chance”.  Her immediately defensive behavior and deflection tells me right there that she’s got things set up to benefit her on a level that in my eyes is flat out greedy.

We all have to admit dumping $600L into a machine to get that 1 item we want so badly is a little silly when we all know it wouldn’t actually be sold for $600L.  I know creators out there that refer to the gacha machines as “magic money machines” because they make a killing off them.  But you know, I don’t begrudge them that and I’m happy to stand in line and dump my lindens in them till I get what I want.  It’s not cheap to be a creator and have a store in SL, there are tons of overhead costs many of us don’t even realize.  Many creators live off the revenue generated by their stores in SL.  So, if my chucking $16.00 worth of lindens into a machine helps put food on your table and ultimately gets me the pretty necklace awesome!  I’m good with that, so long as there’s a realistic chance I -will- get that thing that I want.  With Suicide gurls, there isnt.

Please don’t go to her machine…buyer beware and all that good stuff.  If you have a burning desire for any of the commons she has (cause of course I have no rares … ) check the gacha resale location linked on the right side of my blog .  On the 7th I will be posting all 50 that I have for sale at less than the cost to play the game … because …. fuck her.. and it’s not about the money.  Any other gacha resale items will be held and released 1 week after the gacha has been open (Feb 14th) out of respect and support for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival staff and the creators that take part in it.  Cheers!

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