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Maitreya vs Belleza vs Slink … oh my …

The mesh body reviews are back.  I’ll warn you, there’s a lot of nudity.  The release of the Belleza body brought about a lot of hype.  People waited, release was delayed, people waited longer, they stood in the store with signs, there were posts all over the place .. and then .. it was released.  I picked up the demo initially and then waited for Glam Affair to make an applier before purchasing it.  While I was initially skeptical I saw a few things about it I liked, a few I didn’t.  I have done mesh body comparisons in the past, first the review of the WoWmeh body (no longer available .. sorry kids.) and then a comparison between The Shop’s body, Slink, and WowMeh that can be found here.  And now I’ll break down the 2 newest ones, vs slink .. because I can’t bring myself to go back to the Shops store to pick up their mesh body again .. for all those who are in love with it, I support you, for me, it’s my least favorite.  With that said, on to the reviews ..

I’ll start with a full body set of shots.  For your reference:

Blond = Maitreya ($2,750L – includes hands and feet – also slink compatible)

Black = Belleza ($3,995L – includes hands and feet – also slink compatible)

Red = Slink ($1,250L – does NOT include hands or feet or appliers.  Feet – $675L (for only one level .. so to get flat, mid and high $2,025L) Hands – $450L per hand position)

I keep them in the same order throughout so you don’t get confused.


Ok so, to start.  Those who know me know I favor a thicker shaped avatar.  I like a few extra pounds and some soft curves.  To date I have yet to find a mesh body that reflected curves as effortlessly and with as much balance as WowMeh, but times are changing, appliers are harder to find, and we all need to update at some point.  For those who enjoy a curvy thicker or larger avatar STAY AWAY FROM BELLEZA .. Stay away from Slink for that matter as well, and don’t go anywhere near The Shops mesh body either.  All three of these shapes have a for the most part similar sized base avatar shape (with a few changes … please remember different mesh bodies respond to base shapes differently so you’re going to have to do some tweaking).

Maitreya – By far the most responsive to small changes in body mass, fat, etc.  You don’t have to do much and you don’t have to max out fat or love handles or saddlebags etc to balance out wider hips with a thicker torso.  The same goes for leg muscle.  What I do like is the smoother curve you can create with changing love handles etc that is harder to achieve with belleza and damn near possible to do with Slink (imo).

Belleza – Just doesn’t translate well to a larger avatar.  For slim girls it’s great, it truly is and I have seen some absolutely stunning avatars.  If you look at the picture, the left side of the body (your left, not the picture’s left) you’ll see the torso curve, where it is smooth under the breasts and flares out to the hips on the Maitreya, no amount of fussing could achieve the same effect (for a thicker avatar therefore higher body mass fat etc) for the belleza body.

Slink – Has been a struggle. While you can get a nice curve in the torso, where the hips meet the thighs is a mess.  To get a smooth line you have to play with your leg thickness, which can end up looking unbalanced.  Saddlebags also have to be maxed out at 100 so there’s not a lot of room for adjustment.  It is not .. I repeat .. not .. made for more pronounced curves.

For body overall, ease of adjusting shape, and general flexibility … I have to vote Maitreya.

On to the Butt … because it’s all about the bass ..

yeah … that was a thing I just quoted… and I’m totally listening to that song now.

Butt Comparison

Maitreya – Oh .. my … god. It’s so round, so plush, and so… BAM .. there’s ma ass.  I love it.  I love it more than the majority of ass mesh enhancements.  It’s such a plush shape, it blends well into upper thighs without looking saggy.  It looks great big .. it looks great little… it just looks great period.  At the size it is currently its not even at 100.  You have room to grow a bit, but for most people you wont even need to.

Belleza – Not bad, it also ‘lifts’ where it meets the top of your thighs instead of depending on a shading line to create the effect.  It’s pretty well shaped, however if you’re OCD like me, a side view shows a bit of flattening where I’d rather see a nice chunky round curve.  Also, the size shown in this picture is maxed at 100.  And the cheeks look a little more squished together?  I don’t know if you see what I mean but the Belleze butt looks like shes clenching just a little.

Slink – Droopy butt.  It’s sad to see the stark contrast.  Maxed at 100, not as defined, it’s probably a more ‘natural’ butt tbh.  It doesn’t sit off the top of your thighs as sharply as Maitreya and Belleza, it blends down more so than the others (wow … I just said the same thing twice.. words words words).

For the butt .. well .. depends what you want.  For thick robust and delicious I vote Maitreya.  For a tight perky bump on a slim shape .. I vote Belleza .. Slink for the natural subtle behind.

Now for the boobs …

Boob Comparison

Maitreya – The most natural of them all.  In fact I think they’re becoming my favorite across the board (yes, even more than the slink breasts and I am actually rather fond of them).  Maitreya’s breasts hang pretty well, and they don’t have the weird stick out shelf that the Belleza breasts do (don’t even get me started on the Shops mesh body breasts).  Because they don’t torpedo out as much as the Belleza breasts do you’re able to make them larger (to balance out a larger ass and thicker shape in general) without having your breasts literally cross a sim boundary 5 minutes before you do.  That being said, I can’t bring myself to max them out, when you do the still stick out to the point of cartoonish (haha funny I know I know .. it IS a cartoon).  If you’re encountering that problem make them just a wee bit smaller and up your gravity, it will help bring about that natural drooping while still looking nice and .. well .. very nice.

Belleza – No.

Slink – A softer rounder natural.  I’m not opposed to them, however the way they sit lacks the dimension that both Maitreya and Belleza have.

My vote .. for now .. Maitreya.  I wish there was a way to blend together Slink boobs and Maitreya boobs, I think aspects of both of them when put together would make a great set of fun bags.

Now for the Huds …

Maitreya Hud

Maitreya Hud – The alpha layers are off the hook.  Clean lines, A MILLION options.  They did a good job with that.  I’m pretty pleased and impressed.  You also have 10 skin presets (that match Glam Affair) so if you’re a Glam Affair girl you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to pick up any appliers.  You can load in skin tones and use the tint option to further match or adjust as needed.  Standard nail options for hands and feet that aren’t remarkable but they’re alright.  I tend to stick to french tips anyways.

Maitreya also comes with hands and feet.  I still prefer slink hands however these aren’t bad, and you have 3 nail length options.  The feet have 3 options, flat, mid and high (like slink).  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work with slink high or mid shoes (at least not the ones I have)… bummer.  If you find shoes they do work with please let me know.  The body IS slink compatible.  Please remember though if you see an alpha line at your wrists switch to Slink xsmall hands and it will be fixed.

Belleza Hud

The Belleza hud is massive.  The alpha options around the chest and torso are not as extensive as the Maitreya hud however they’re for the most part functional.  Belleza also comes with hands and feet.  Nail lengths and different foot heights are standard.  A limited selection of nails is a bummer, however the numerous options for hands is impressive.  It comes preset with belleza skins, and the majority of skin creators have been making appliers for awhile now.  The breasts have 2 different options, natural and pushup.  I do like the choice of nipple colors that can over-ride the applier option (on the off chance you don’t like the shade of your skins nipples).

Slink Hud

The Slink hud is streamlined and simple.  There is a separate skin tone hud however there are a zillion skin appliers out there to pick from so it’s not so much of an issue.  The alpha options aren’t nearly as good as Maitreya and Belleza. You don’t get hands and feet, you have to purchase those separately, so if you’re just starting out with mesh enhancements and you want a ‘pack’ to make life easier this isn’t the option for you.

Over all .. for huds and options Belleza has done an impressive job.  Maitreya isn’t bad and some of the things I dont like are a moot point if you use other mesh created enhancements (hands and feet from slink).

At this point I’m leaning more towards Maitreya for mesh bodies still on the market.  It’s more bang for your buck and you can do more with the body (small or a bit chunkier).  The draw back at the moment for most will be the lack of appliers.  Give it a bit of time and the skin creators will solve that problem quickly as will the clothing creators.

If you run into trouble inworld feel free to hit me up 🙂 and I’m happy to help tweak a shape or whatever you need.