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Fantasy Gacha Carnival – November

Yup!  It’s coming to that time again… when wallets weep and credit cards cringe.


Released @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Wings – =Zenith= – Guardian Of The Stars Wings (Cream)


From Other Places

Skirt, Upper & Lower Arm Bracelets – Aisling – Arius (Gacha @ the main store)

Feather Necklace – Zibska – Vyvian

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Mouth – Loud Mouth – Brandee

Skin – Deetalez – Miranda

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Hair – Lamb. – Asteria

Winter Wonderland

So much cute winter stuff out, not just for modern/mainstream but for our ever loved fantasy/Gor genres as well.  Not surprising really, people seem to enjoy remaking sims to winter wonderlands (I’m guilty of doing it on mine too, so no judgments here).  Anyways, 2 events that have some fun winter-y things are Collabor88 and We <3RP.


We <3RP

Coat – May’s Soul


Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ – Snowdrift hair

Skin – Glam Affair – Sia II Ice – Polar tone

From Other Places ..

Eye Makeup – cheLLe – Masque Icee (Iced Murk), Frosty Winter (Frosty 2 & 5)

Hair Flowers – Glam Affair – Nivy Flowers – Bride

Rose Crown – ieQED – Cache Crown Rose Silver (Gacha – Check their mainstore)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Collar – Aisling – Chandra Collar

Hands – Slink – Elegant

The Arcade… Winter Gacha Awesomeness

And there’s so much of it!  Lots and lots of cute things and great finds this round of the Arcade.  There was also a nice mixture of clothing/home decor/random things.  I found a lot more than I expected to buy.  Take a look, and as always, while I’m a huge supporter of the events themselves, definitely check out the re-sale markets.  My personal favorite is The Pea’s Arcade Yardsale it’s not the place to go for rares.. everything -must- be sold at the cost to play the machine, even the rares (you wont see a rare .. just sayin.. people know better), the layout is great, alphabetical by designer and easy to navigate.  And whats even better, no rentals.  Anyone and everyone can throw down their stuff from this current arcade.  I know several people (myself included) that have put out those commons they didn’t need, or skulked around to find a common they didn’t feel like playing over and over again for.


From The Arcade…..

Sweater & Scarf – erratic

Boots – Baiastice

Watch Necklace – Foxes – Woodland Wonderland – Pocket Watch Necklace

From other Places…

Hair – [LeLutka] – VAGUE

Glasses – Solar Eyewear – Atria

Headband – *BOOM* – Ribbon Headband (Gacha @ their store)

Skin – Glam Affair – Brandi

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Hands – Slink – Elegant

Facial Piercings – Pekka – Tragedy


O.o .. it’s a panthery post … I love PFC stuff.  It’s s rough and raw and beautifully textured.  I’ve been itching to make more use of the releases by PFC for the few events, and got a chance to make use of some older things.


Feather Pauldrons – PFC – Raven Pauldron (The Secret Affair)

Face Paint – C h a r y . – Raven Makeup (The Secret Affair)

Twig and Bone Bracers, Thigh Pieces and Skirt – PFC – Voodoo

Bone Head Pieces – [Keystone] – Vie’s Antlers { Bone and Rope } and Wildlings Crowns – Y’zi – ULTRA RARE

Necklace – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth-Necklace -RARE

Hair – *Soonsiki! – Sharona (FaMeshed)

Face Chains (Down forehead and over cheeks) – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials

Face Chains (Hanging from nose past chin) – .Keystone. – Whyt (Jewelry Fair)

Face Piercings – .Pekka. – Tragedy Unisex Piercing

Sandals – Enfant Terrible – Wayfarer Sandals

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Poses w/ Crows – Axix – Lady Crow


The Secret Affair

I went to visit Secret Affair again and picked up a few more goodies to blog.  I’m super excited.  There’s some absolutely stunning pieces in this round (and not all of them are gacha).  I’m doing another slave-ish post .. as you will see below.  Peqe did another skirt, it has matching sleeves that you should pick up as well (not featured in this post though).  As always Zibska has made a stunning necklace..err.. bikini top .. heck I dont know what to call it but I love it.  Keystone has put out some great foot wraps for mid feet (for Totally Top Shelf) as well as a nice simple nose chain (@ The Jewelry Fair).  And of course my accessory fetish has run rampant…


The Secret Affair

Skirt – Peqe – The Raven Skirt

Rose Necklace – Zibska – Aisling

Shoulder Raven – May’s Soul – Holy Crow

Twig and Ribbon Crown – ieQED – nest.crown.violet (common)

Flower Bouquet – AZOURY – Bouquet of Flowers

Face Chains (coming own from the forehead) – Luas – Corina Facechains RARE

Hair – Little Bones – Willow

The Jewelry Fair

Tiara – .aisling. – Theia Tiara

Nose Chains – .Keystone. – Whyt – Double Gold

We <3RP

Body Chains/Collar – Noodles – Aria – Chain Harness Gold M

Totally Top Shelf

Foot Wraps – .Keystone. – Toe Wraps

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Closed)

Bracers – [The Forge] – Filigree Bracer (Check the Mainstore)

From other Places .. 

Upper Arms – .aisling. – LadyOfHighgarden (gacha @ mainstore)

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Countdown Room, Secret Affair, New from Junbug, and the Jewelry Fair

Stella is gettin her groove back .. except my name is not Stella and I’m white .. so my groove is never that groovy.  At any rate … Countdown Room is open, as is Secret Affair, Junbug and Glam Affair have a new releases at Liaison Collaborative, and of course I’m still sorting through the goodies I got at the Jewelry Fair.  SO .. here goes ..


The Countdown Room

Bone Crown and Face Chains – May’s Soul

The Secret Affair

Hair – Little Bones – Secret Gacha (gotta win it to see it .. or not .. since I’m featuring it .. duh.  I love the hair, it comes with the flower crown attached along with a hud to change the textures)

Liaison Collaborative

Dress – Junbug

Skin – Glam Affair – Artemis – Cyber Princess 6

Jewelry Fair

Necklace – .aisling. – Lavi Necklace

Everywhere Else …..

Bracers & Shoulders – .aisling. – LadyOfHighgarden

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Little Rocker

So this dress was put out by PixiCat for the Rhapsody Event in June/July.  Yeah .. I lag.  Anyways I love it regardless and I’m totally excited to get to use it.  It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Forge’s shoes for September’s Arcade that -just- opened.  They’re .. omg .. just .. o-m-g.  Get all of them, every last pair.  DO IT!  Which is crazy coming from me cause I’m the princess of boots and bare feet.  But I’ll make an acceptation for these big time!


From The Arcade

Shoes – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Shoe

New From Truth

Hair – TRUTH HAIR – Rogue [messy]

Everything Else…

Dress – -Pixicat- TheDark.Dress

Chain Mail Collar – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Collar

Necklace (on top of the collar) – :(SH): – Pearls of Venus

Chain Bracelets – [Haste] – Chain Bracer (Gacha @ Mainstore)

Leather Bracelet – MANDALA – REIKI

Spiked Bracelet & Finger Claw – Random Matter – Crowley

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Head Piece – Keystone – Hexi

Face Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: – Metal Mouth

Halo – May’s Soul – ave maria crown black

EyeShadow – Little Pricks – Under Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner

Ears – Mandala

Hands/Feet – Slink

Skin – Skinnery – Quiana (honey)