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Celestial Goddess

More Fantasy Gacha Previews….


From The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress/Bracers/Upper Arms/Collar/Pauldron – Luas – Orianna

From Other Places ..

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Light Symbols Halo – + Arcana Halo + – Gold (modified to remove the metal bits)

Lavender Android Tattoo – iLogic – Subdermal Energy Matrix

Android Tattoo – Blue Falcon Industries – RX-583 Android Tattoo

Face Adornments – [Forge] – Face Art

Purple Makeup – cheLLe – Masque Icee and Frosty Winter

Teal Makeup – Guaze – Mermaid Eyes Cetoscarus

Eyes – .:ellabella:; – Mitosis Eyes

Hair – Truth – Olinda

Hands – Slink

Background – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stellarium-Atlantea/5875690

You really REALLY gotta check out this thing.  It’s amazing.

Secret Affair, Jewelry Fair, Fantasy Collective, and We <3RP

Princess is getting her butt in gear and powering through the scads of things I have kicking around my inventory for our current events.  This one is chalked full of goodies.  Enjoy!


The Secret Affair (Opening 15th)

Pauldrons – [Stiched] – Feather Pauldron

Gold Feather Ring – [whatever] – Nevermore ring

We <3RP (Open)

Bracers – .random.Matter. – Baratheon Bracers

The Fantasy Collective

Corset shorts thingie – [Haste] – Facilier Possession Shorts

Spiked Nipple Rings – [Haste] – Spiked Nipple Ring

Jewelry Fair 214 (Open)

Necklace – *Zibska – Kjersti

Head Piece – .aisling. – Theia Tiara

The Arcade

Shoes – [The Forge] – Peeper (Black – Common)

From Other Stores .. not Events

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Nose Chain – [Keystone] – Amary’s Nose chains

Ring – :(SH:) – Ring of 5 Moons- mystic (love this .. really do!)

Hair – Magika – Take

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Body – WowMeh

Hands and Feet – Slink

Lipstick – The Skinnery – Lip Intensity System #5 (Comes with the Quiana skin)

Eyeliner – +Nuuna+ – Kati Eyeliner 2 (from the Makeupsv13 pack)

Back in Black…

The creative dry spell continues.  Its frustrating having an inventory full of amazing and beautiful stuff and not having the slightest idea of what to do with any of it … like standing in a gourmet grocery store and not being able to figure out what to make for dinner.  IT’S THERE .. IT’S ALL THERE … IT’S SO EASY…. apparently not.


Top – 1992 – Sharp Dress (Get it @ Swag Fest)

Pants – PixiCat – Biker Pants

Shoes – [The Forge] – Strap Attack (rare) – The Arcade

Chest Strap w/ Chain mail – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Vest

Pauldrons – [The Forge] – Iron Clad Pauldron (The Fantasy Collective – I think)

Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ – Writer Hair – Braid – The Arcade

Face Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: – Metal Mouth

Glasses – Solar Eyewear – Atria

Chain Bracers – Haste – Gacha @ the Mainstore

Spiked Bracelet – .random.Matter. – Crowley Spiked Bracelet

Hands & Feet – Slink

Poses (standing and laying) – Ma Vie

Pose (close up of face/torso) – Ploom

ps …..

Little Rocker

So this dress was put out by PixiCat for the Rhapsody Event in June/July.  Yeah .. I lag.  Anyways I love it regardless and I’m totally excited to get to use it.  It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Forge’s shoes for September’s Arcade that -just- opened.  They’re .. omg .. just .. o-m-g.  Get all of them, every last pair.  DO IT!  Which is crazy coming from me cause I’m the princess of boots and bare feet.  But I’ll make an acceptation for these big time!


From The Arcade

Shoes – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Shoe

New From Truth

Hair – TRUTH HAIR – Rogue [messy]

Everything Else…

Dress – -Pixicat- TheDark.Dress

Chain Mail Collar – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Collar

Necklace (on top of the collar) – :(SH): – Pearls of Venus

Chain Bracelets – [Haste] – Chain Bracer (Gacha @ Mainstore)

Leather Bracelet – MANDALA – REIKI

Spiked Bracelet & Finger Claw – Random Matter – Crowley

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Head Piece – Keystone – Hexi

Face Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: – Metal Mouth

Halo – May’s Soul – ave maria crown black

EyeShadow – Little Pricks – Under Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner

Ears – Mandala

Hands/Feet – Slink

Skin – Skinnery – Quiana (honey)

Some Love for the Gorean Girls…

Yeah so once again .. it’s been awhile and I seem to have lost touch with my gorean roots.  So here it is .. a post for the slave girls with some Fantasy Gacha Goodies from Aisling, a new(ish) release from :(Sad Harlequin):, and some -you just can’t ever go wrong- from Soedara.

Also … I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally gotten my tooshie in gear and started throwing gacha goodies up for resale at a place called Another Man’s Treasure.  There’s a direct link to it on the right side of my blog near the top.  Cynful was kind enough to give me space and my inventory thanks her .. as does my $L balance.  So if there’s things you’re looking for I’ll shamelessly plug the place and tell you to go check it out.


So this should be fairly brief…

Head Piece/Necklace/Bracelets/Upper Arms/Lower Legs/Hand Pieces/Rings/Belt – Aisling – Tortuga Princess (Commons/Rares @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Chain Collar w/ Jewels – [The Forge] – Chain Collar (Common @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Thigh Chains – :(SH): – Thigh Chains

Foot Chains – Keystone – Chained up feet [SLINK MID]

Skirt – ~Soedara~ – Arabic Equinox

Skin – Glam Affair – Cassie (The Seasons Story .. I think)

Eye Shadow – Little Pricks – Underliner & Winged Eyes

Face Paint – +Nuuna+ – makeups v12 12b (tintable)

Hair – booN – KCP393 & SEL740

Hands & Feet – Slink

Forbidden Fruit – Silkworms, Forge & Keystone

I haven’t done a slave look in some time now, and seeing the chastity belt by Silkworms put me in one of those -oh gosh yeah I need to use that- moods.  It’s heavy, and rough, and in my opinion a perfect juxtaposition of metal and shape against a smooth curvy body.  It also comes with wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as a collar.  There are scripted and unscripted versions.  The upper arm chains are accessories from a different Silkworms outfit called Chained Beast and they compliment the look well.  I’m also featuring the chain mail vest released by [Forge] for Tales of Fantasy.


From Main Stores .. 

Chastity Belt/Cuffs/Collar – Silkworms – Something

Upper Arm Chains w/ padlock – Silkworms – Chained Beast

Chain Foot Wraps for Mid Slink Feet – Keystone – Chained up feet

***Remember Keystone is doing a big sale right now .. get your tooshies over there and check it out***

From Tales of Fantasy…

Chain mail Vest – [Forge] – Chain Mail Vest

From Kustom9

Hair – MOON{Hair}. – OMEN.


The Countdown Room, TTS, Fantasy Gacha, and Junbug @ Fameshed

Ok I think that’s everything packed into the title.  Right?  Maybe?  Probably not.  It’s worth a try though.  It’s been a long day.  I -almost- didn’t make it in to post but once things quieted down and I had a few glasses of wine in me I told myself … “self .. who needs to go to bed before 2am anyways”.  Sleep is for the dead right?  So I have cats (no .. I’m not a crazy cat lady.. ), and often times I catch myself wondering just how it is so many people manage to capture their cats doing things on video to make them a viral sensation.  This morning my two boys were sitting face to face in the hallway.. apparently having an epic feline staring contest so involved and consuming they didn’t even notice me walking out of the bathroom… until all at once they did.  They were surprised and proceeded to jump and run .. right into each other… repelled off each other, and ran in separate directions.  It would have been so awesome to catch on video .. but .. unlike other cat owners (apparently if one were to believe youtube) I don’t wander around randomly recording my cats.  However I did just spend 10 minutes writing in a SL fashion blog about my cats .. maybe .. I am a crazy cat lady.


The Countdown Room

Skin – !Curvalicious – Shada Latte

A note about this skin .. I really adore it.   ÅpoloniÅ did a wonderful job.  The skin is smooth, the makeup is tasteful, the face is very pretty.  But most importantly I really do like the shade of the flesh tone.  Often times when people do a tan coloring on skin it’s either yellowy or orangie or something.  This one isn’t.  I strongly strongly recommend you take a look at the skin, demo it inworld.

Horns and Chain Headpiece – Luas – Malefica Horns Silver

Dove – Fantasy China – Flaying Dove Pack (with separated parts bp)

From Totally Top Shelf

Wing Necklace – 22769 – The Phoenix (silver)

From Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Choker/Bracers – [The Forge] – Chain Collar/Filigree Bracers

Staff – [Tia] – Empress Staff – ULTRA RARE

From FaMeshed

Dress – *{Junbug}* – The Affair

From Collabor88

Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ – Legend Hair – Persephone

From Elsewhere

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Wings – DRD – Devine wings

Feather Eyelashes – WWI – Lashes v2 Feathers White