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We <3 RP

A new round has released.  As always there’s a good diversity of creators there, but this round left me wanting more.  I did find a couple good things.. though not nearly as much as I have in the past.  The outfit I’ve done is obviously for a slave, however with a longer shirt and a pair of applier pants you could easily wear it as a GE Free Woman.


From We ❤ RolePlay

Corset/Skirt combination – =Zenith= – Hun Archmage Leather Skirt (Black)-Maitreya

Rings – :[P]:- Worshyp

From Other Places

Sandal Boots – CandyDoll – Victoria

Shirt – .:AVALE:. – Dolly .Cruel. (applier)

Leather Chest Piece – [The Forge] – Plaid Chest Piece

Collar – [The Forge] – Wrought Collar

Headpiece – [Keystone] – Vette [Silver/pearl]

Hair – Catwa – Ulyana

Mouth – Loud Mouth – Brandee

Skin – Deetalez – Miranda



Skirt and Top – Junbug – Sitara

Bracelets – [The Forge] – Tri Bangle

Torso Bead Thingie – Aisling – Aphrodite

Head Piece (green band) – Keystone – A’ne

Head Piece (Forehead Jewel) – Pekka – Maxi Headdress (Ultra Rare – Old gacha)

Nose Chain – Keystone – Whyt

Staff – [The Forge] – Staff of Ulysses

Rings – Kibitz – Clemencia

Henna – Letis Tattoo – Diwali

Mouth – Loud Mouth – Brandee

Hair – Catwa – Ulyana

Freckles – DeeTalez – Chocolate Splits

Moles – Made by Imogene Jie (You should totally IM her and ask to buy them)

Skin – DeeTalez – Miranda

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Shape -mine mine mine

FGC is Open…

Yes yes yes it is!  It opened and it’s amazing.  I hope everyone is getting everything they wanted.  I know I’ve already dumped thousands of lindens into machines trying to get my friends the perfect little surprises.  At any rate .. another post .. this one featuring several different designers.  I have to say I’m super pleased with the amount of clothing offered in this round.  Great job designers and great job FGC for putting together another fantastic round of Gacha madness.



From The Fantasy Gacha…

Skirt & Top – Muka

Belt, Bracers, Collar – Eudora

Super Awesome Flat Staff Thingie – .Aphotic.

Black Crown – ~Misha J.~

Forehead Piece and Arm Pieces – .Keystone.

From other Places…

Hair – Blues – Crystal

Foot Wraps – Panik – Purity Straps

Skin – Deetalze – Megan

Earrings – Aisling – Gretchen

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Previews … more of ’em

As promised .. another post darlings.  This one features more awesome previews for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  I wont lie, this is by far one of my favorite rounds of the last few months.  The designers have done some beautifully made pieces that in my humble opinion are must haves… for example ….


So pretty much everything is from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival …

Skirt & Top – *MUKA* – Aura

Bracer, Upper Arm, Collar & Crown – Una – Karma

Forehead Piece – Keystone – DreamCatcher (Gold/Lapis – Common)

Hair – Olive – The Mir Hair

Not from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Skin – Glam Affair -Brandi

Hands – Slink


O.o .. it’s a panthery post … I love PFC stuff.  It’s s rough and raw and beautifully textured.  I’ve been itching to make more use of the releases by PFC for the few events, and got a chance to make use of some older things.


Feather Pauldrons – PFC – Raven Pauldron (The Secret Affair)

Face Paint – C h a r y . – Raven Makeup (The Secret Affair)

Twig and Bone Bracers, Thigh Pieces and Skirt – PFC – Voodoo

Bone Head Pieces – [Keystone] – Vie’s Antlers { Bone and Rope } and Wildlings Crowns – Y’zi – ULTRA RARE

Necklace – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth-Necklace -RARE

Hair – *Soonsiki! – Sharona (FaMeshed)

Face Chains (Down forehead and over cheeks) – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials

Face Chains (Hanging from nose past chin) – .Keystone. – Whyt (Jewelry Fair)

Face Piercings – .Pekka. – Tragedy Unisex Piercing

Sandals – Enfant Terrible – Wayfarer Sandals

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Poses w/ Crows – Axix – Lady Crow


The Secret Affair

I went to visit Secret Affair again and picked up a few more goodies to blog.  I’m super excited.  There’s some absolutely stunning pieces in this round (and not all of them are gacha).  I’m doing another slave-ish post .. as you will see below.  Peqe did another skirt, it has matching sleeves that you should pick up as well (not featured in this post though).  As always Zibska has made a stunning necklace..err.. bikini top .. heck I dont know what to call it but I love it.  Keystone has put out some great foot wraps for mid feet (for Totally Top Shelf) as well as a nice simple nose chain (@ The Jewelry Fair).  And of course my accessory fetish has run rampant…


The Secret Affair

Skirt – Peqe – The Raven Skirt

Rose Necklace – Zibska – Aisling

Shoulder Raven – May’s Soul – Holy Crow

Twig and Ribbon Crown – ieQED – nest.crown.violet (common)

Flower Bouquet – AZOURY – Bouquet of Flowers

Face Chains (coming own from the forehead) – Luas – Corina Facechains RARE

Hair – Little Bones – Willow

The Jewelry Fair

Tiara – .aisling. – Theia Tiara

Nose Chains – .Keystone. – Whyt – Double Gold

We <3RP

Body Chains/Collar – Noodles – Aria – Chain Harness Gold M

Totally Top Shelf

Foot Wraps – .Keystone. – Toe Wraps

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Closed)

Bracers – [The Forge] – Filigree Bracer (Check the Mainstore)

From other Places .. 

Upper Arms – .aisling. – LadyOfHighgarden (gacha @ mainstore)

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Secret Affair, Jewelry Fair, Fantasy Collective, and We <3RP

Princess is getting her butt in gear and powering through the scads of things I have kicking around my inventory for our current events.  This one is chalked full of goodies.  Enjoy!


The Secret Affair (Opening 15th)

Pauldrons – [Stiched] – Feather Pauldron

Gold Feather Ring – [whatever] – Nevermore ring

We <3RP (Open)

Bracers – .random.Matter. – Baratheon Bracers

The Fantasy Collective

Corset shorts thingie – [Haste] – Facilier Possession Shorts

Spiked Nipple Rings – [Haste] – Spiked Nipple Ring

Jewelry Fair 214 (Open)

Necklace – *Zibska – Kjersti

Head Piece – .aisling. – Theia Tiara

The Arcade

Shoes – [The Forge] – Peeper (Black – Common)

From Other Stores .. not Events

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Nose Chain – [Keystone] – Amary’s Nose chains

Ring – :(SH:) – Ring of 5 Moons- mystic (love this .. really do!)

Hair – Magika – Take

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Body – WowMeh

Hands and Feet – Slink

Lipstick – The Skinnery – Lip Intensity System #5 (Comes with the Quiana skin)

Eyeliner – +Nuuna+ – Kati Eyeliner 2 (from the Makeupsv13 pack)