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Yet another Event ..

So .Whimsical. An Inspired Event also opened (not sure when .. but .. details)… there’s some fun finds.


Found @ Whimsical…….

Dress  – Storybook – Unnamed

Hair – Doe: – Macey

(it’s a gacha so prepare yourself.  Or check my gacha resale linked on the right of the blog)

From Other Shops

Bracelets – .random.Matter. – Wysteria Cuffs

Sandals – REIGN.- Mahi Gladiator Sandals in Cocoa

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Shape – Mine!  All Mine!

Skin – Deetalez  – Miranda

Mouth – Loud Mouth – Brandee

Calling up the Storm


I haven’t given nearly enough love to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival..

Belted Tunic/Shawl Thingie – Moon Elixir – Scavenger

Upper and Lower Arm Pieces (that you can’t see cause I’m a jerk) – .aisling. – Aspasia

From Stores …

Collar – Kibitz – Nit collar

Ankle Thingies – aisling – Sadhana

Hair – Tableau Vivant \\  Editorial \ Western wind (Gacha on the second level of their shop)

Body – Maitreya

YAY It’s Friday!!

TGIF .. so very TGIF.


Some fun things from We ❤ RP

Top – S&P – Aly

Corset – -Pixicat- Hunter.Corset

Shoulder Piece – =Zenith= Monk Shoulder Armor

Thigh Weapon Sheath – .:[ EQ ]:. – Woodman Belt

From other places …

Fur stuff on my hips & ladybits – Alchemy. – Winter Queen (From a Gacha)

Underwear (just the straps you can see) – *MUKA* Wicca Thong

Bracers – .random.Matter. – Baratheon Bracers

Boots – JD – Ara (an oldie but a goodie)

Hair – Magika – Empty Gold

Skin – Deetalez – Miranda

Mouth – Loud Mouth – Brandee

Body – Maitreya

We <3 RP is back .. and so am I… kinda

Hello Darlings!  Long time no blog.  We ❤ RP is back with an awesome round of great stuff.  Not to mention The Fantasy Gacha Carnival will be opening shortly as well (I got a sneak peak of things and my credit card is already hurting).  In the mean time, here’s a post with a new coat found at We ❤ RP, some jewelry from the Gacha Garden .. and stuff….


So where to start ….

Coat – Cellar Door – Omi Robe Blue Ver.4 – We ❤ RP

A few things about the coat.  First off, Cellar Door, I don’t want to offend the amazing creator Wolfy and I hope I don’t but for awhile there I truly felt like Cellar Door fell into a obscurity.  I wasn’t seeing all that many new releases from her when I would pop my head in to check things out, and much of what she was putting out had the same feel as her previous things.  I’m so pleased to see her throwing in some variety, changing up textures, and getting away from the dark grungy marshy browns and blacks, leathers and furs that were common with many of her creations.  I love this coat for a number of reasons, it’s open front in a revealing but not overly so sort of way.  It manages to hang on your avatar without being bulky (you wouldn’t think that’s a thing, but believe me it is) and the high back lets you show off all the sexy junk your trunk has to offer.  My one and only complaint is the sleeves.  Now I am no mesh expert, nor am I a texturing expert, however the inside of the sleeves aren’t textured (I don’t even know if they can be, but you can see what I’m talking about in the first picture).  Because of that you have invisa-inner-sleeve going on.  In my opinion the coat .. robe.. whatever .. is awesome enough to overlook it, but if you’re super OCD it’s going to annoy you.  That being said, 1 coat is actually a bunch, she has 4 different texture options included from a simple silk-ish texture, to a trimmed version to this one with a pattern.  It’s absolutely worth it.

Jewelry (Necklace, Bangles, and Rings) – Meva – Amya  – Gacha Garden

Who is this person and why have I not seen her stuff before.  Now I know I’ve taken a hiatus from SL for a fair bit of time, but prior to that I rather prided myself on being in the know.  Somehow, this creator was completely off my radar (or maybe she wasnt around yet, or maybe she was but under a different shop name.. Wasn’t involved in the major events. .. I don’t even know).  If she’s new she’s some kind of wizard.  I have watched the slow progression of many designers, from Junbug to Kibitz to Aisling to Keystone.  You watch their items slowly become come complex, more creative, more daring, more original, you see their textures evolve and become higher quality.  This chick dropped in to my sl accessorizing life like an atom bomb.  I found myself looking through her store blog wondering where the heck I’ve been that I’ve missed her stuff.  Apparently shes been around for about a year and a half, I know, because I shamelessly messaged her and asked and then proceeded to gush at her like a silly fan girl.  I can’t help it, it’s hell to find a good gold texture on jewelry and in my opinion she nailed it.  If you haven’t gotten any of her stuff, hunt down her shop and check it out.

Head piece and Nose Ring – ::Axix:: – Zydien NosePiercing – Gacha Garden

Foot Wraps – fri. – Aisling.Wraps

Why are there not more foot wraps in sl?  Go get the ones from fri.  They’re modify so you can tint the textures, they’re cute, clean, and come in high toe and flat foot.

Underwear – erratic – cerise

Hair – Lamb. – Pandora (at their store)

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Mouth – Loud Mouth – brandee

Skin – Deetalze – Miranda

Fantasy Gacha Carnival – November

Yup!  It’s coming to that time again… when wallets weep and credit cards cringe.


Released @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Wings – =Zenith= – Guardian Of The Stars Wings (Cream)


From Other Places

Skirt, Upper & Lower Arm Bracelets – Aisling – Arius (Gacha @ the main store)

Feather Necklace – Zibska – Vyvian

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Mouth – Loud Mouth – Brandee

Skin – Deetalez – Miranda

Body – Maitreya – Lara

Hair – Lamb. – Asteria

More FGC Previews – Some Jewelry

Cause a girl can never have enough bling ..

For this round of FGC Kibitz (aka Pekka) brings us a stunning jewelry set (head piece, necklace, upper arms, bracelets/hand pieces, and finger thingies) which is what I’ve decided to feature in this post… the rest of the look is listed below.


Dress – Peqe – Domen (Found at ROMP event)

Foot Wraps – Panik – Purity Straps

Fur Shoulder Piece – Aisling – Lyall Scarf

Collar – The Forge – Twisted Collar

Earrings – .aisling. – Gretchen

Hair – Blues – Crystal

Skin – DeeTalez – Megan

Hands – Slink – Casual

Body – Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

More Fantasy Gacha Previews..

2 in one day and a few more outfits already started, and even more kicking around in my head.  This one features Luas’ dress, Things upper body tattoo, and decor by Geisha Dreams


From The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Opening Feb 11th

Dress – Luas

Tattoo – Things

Floating Lilies and Boat – Geisha Dreams

Other Stuff…

Bracelets & Upper Arms – [The Forge] – Aphrodite (From a Gacha)

Gold Coin Necklace – [The Forge] – Rosana Necklace

Gold Collar – Aisling – Chandra

Head Piece – Eudora 3D – Isabella HeadPiece (From Uber)

Hair – Magika – Reading

Body – Maitreya

Hands – Slink

Skin – Glam Affair – Brandi