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March Madness


I guess I don’t have to say much since most everything was posted on the picture.  Trying a new look.  I love the pants, they’re by far the best applier layer pants to date.  Thank you Lassitude & Ennui.  Most everything was from We ❤ RP so check it out and check out creator blogs if you can’t find it.


More FGC Previews – Some Jewelry

Cause a girl can never have enough bling ..

For this round of FGC Kibitz (aka Pekka) brings us a stunning jewelry set (head piece, necklace, upper arms, bracelets/hand pieces, and finger thingies) which is what I’ve decided to feature in this post… the rest of the look is listed below.


Dress – Peqe – Domen (Found at ROMP event)

Foot Wraps – Panik – Purity Straps

Fur Shoulder Piece – Aisling – Lyall Scarf

Collar – The Forge – Twisted Collar

Earrings – .aisling. – Gretchen

Hair – Blues – Crystal

Skin – DeeTalez – Megan

Hands – Slink – Casual

Body – Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body

The Secret Affair

I went to visit Secret Affair again and picked up a few more goodies to blog.  I’m super excited.  There’s some absolutely stunning pieces in this round (and not all of them are gacha).  I’m doing another slave-ish post .. as you will see below.  Peqe did another skirt, it has matching sleeves that you should pick up as well (not featured in this post though).  As always Zibska has made a stunning necklace..err.. bikini top .. heck I dont know what to call it but I love it.  Keystone has put out some great foot wraps for mid feet (for Totally Top Shelf) as well as a nice simple nose chain (@ The Jewelry Fair).  And of course my accessory fetish has run rampant…


The Secret Affair

Skirt – Peqe – The Raven Skirt

Rose Necklace – Zibska – Aisling

Shoulder Raven – May’s Soul – Holy Crow

Twig and Ribbon Crown – ieQED – nest.crown.violet (common)

Flower Bouquet – AZOURY – Bouquet of Flowers

Face Chains (coming own from the forehead) – Luas – Corina Facechains RARE

Hair – Little Bones – Willow

The Jewelry Fair

Tiara – .aisling. – Theia Tiara

Nose Chains – .Keystone. – Whyt – Double Gold

We <3RP

Body Chains/Collar – Noodles – Aria – Chain Harness Gold M

Totally Top Shelf

Foot Wraps – .Keystone. – Toe Wraps

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Closed)

Bracers – [The Forge] – Filigree Bracer (Check the Mainstore)

From other Places .. 

Upper Arms – .aisling. – LadyOfHighgarden (gacha @ mainstore)

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Skin – Essences – Whisper

The Other Boleyn Girl

Ages ago I read this book called “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory.  It was later turned into a movie.  The story is about Anne Boleyn’s sister, the girl that slept with the King but managed to keep her head… and go on to marry a nice man and have kids.  Anyways, it was what I thought of when I saw this dress by Junbug at We <3RP.  You can purchase the dress, and in addition buy the complete color hud (do it .. just do it).  As always Junbug’s work is stunning.


Dress – Junbug – Sassenach (We <3RP)

Fur Stole – Peqe – Fur Stole

Pear Necklace – !dM – Sarah

Head Piece – . a i s l i n g . – Pimflette Elegance

Hair – Lamb. – Pandora

Skin – Essences – Whisper

Totally Top Shelf .. and Junbug

I vowed I’d get 2 posts done tonight .. and I seem to have manged it.  Granted I’m tired as all get out.  So Junbug is a guest designer for the Collabor88 event this month.  I’d like to point out that usually after a few days you can tp in to an event without getting the ‘region full’ alert.  Not so with Collabor88.  Every time I’ve tried to tp in I get kicked back, 5 minutes of spamming tps later .. I’m finally back in.  As always, I adore Junbug’s dress.  Totally top shelf opened over the weekend and is offering some great finds that should keep me busy blogging for awhile.  I’m also featuring a few little gems from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  In honor of the 2 events themes.. well all 3 really I put together an Asian Water Goddess look (or at least that’s what I’m calling it).

Annndd we’re off..


Totally Top Shelf

White Shrug – Peqe – Lady’s Shrug

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Bright~ Blue Eye (I strongly recommend taking a look at them in world.  They’re glassy and pretty)

Face Piece – Bliensen + MaiTai – Cascada – Veil (Modified to retexture the jewels to look like water droplets and be a bit of a darker blue)

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Gold Chest Piece and Gold Chain Choker – [The Forge] – Eloise Ultra Rare Chest Piece/Common Chain Collar (Retextured for blue jewels)

Hair Fans and Hair Sticks – !dM – Amidala

Background Setting – {anc}- Japaneseatelier/miniature garden/jellyfish 3Li RARE (Resized to be HUGE)


Dress – Junbug – Helena [Sea Blue]

Other Parts ..

Hair – booN – TUM278

Eye Makeup – Little Pricks – Winged Eyes and Under Eyeliner

Lipstick – Hush – Lush Red

Skin – Quiana