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Celestial Goddess

More Fantasy Gacha Previews….


From The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress/Bracers/Upper Arms/Collar/Pauldron – Luas – Orianna

From Other Places ..

Halo – .random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo

Light Symbols Halo – + Arcana Halo + – Gold (modified to remove the metal bits)

Lavender Android Tattoo – iLogic – Subdermal Energy Matrix

Android Tattoo – Blue Falcon Industries – RX-583 Android Tattoo

Face Adornments – [Forge] – Face Art

Purple Makeup – cheLLe – Masque Icee and Frosty Winter

Teal Makeup – Guaze – Mermaid Eyes Cetoscarus

Eyes – .:ellabella:; – Mitosis Eyes

Hair – Truth – Olinda

Hands – Slink

Background – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stellarium-Atlantea/5875690

You really REALLY gotta check out this thing.  It’s amazing.

Little Rocker

So this dress was put out by PixiCat for the Rhapsody Event in June/July.  Yeah .. I lag.  Anyways I love it regardless and I’m totally excited to get to use it.  It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Forge’s shoes for September’s Arcade that -just- opened.  They’re .. omg .. just .. o-m-g.  Get all of them, every last pair.  DO IT!  Which is crazy coming from me cause I’m the princess of boots and bare feet.  But I’ll make an acceptation for these big time!


From The Arcade

Shoes – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Shoe

New From Truth

Hair – TRUTH HAIR – Rogue [messy]

Everything Else…

Dress – -Pixicat- TheDark.Dress

Chain Mail Collar – [The Forge] – Chain Mail Collar

Necklace (on top of the collar) – :(SH): – Pearls of Venus

Chain Bracelets – [Haste] – Chain Bracer (Gacha @ Mainstore)

Leather Bracelet – MANDALA – REIKI

Spiked Bracelet & Finger Claw – Random Matter – Crowley

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Head Piece – Keystone – Hexi

Face Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: – Metal Mouth

Halo – May’s Soul – ave maria crown black

EyeShadow – Little Pricks – Under Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner

Ears – Mandala

Hands/Feet – Slink

Skin – Skinnery – Quiana (honey)